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Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Center

Chapel Hill Orange County Visitors Center501 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill, NCNetwork: OpenSSID: TOWNofCH-WiFiChannel:1Write a Review

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New Town WiFi Pilot Announced

Posted by BrianR on Aug 30 2007 | Chapel Hill, TOWNofCH-WiFi

The Town email newsletter “Chapel Hill eNews’ just announced WiFi pilot will be at the following locations.
(1.) U.S. Post Office, 179 E. Franklin St.
(2.) Old Town Hall (IFC Shelter), 100 W. Rosemary St.
(3.) Town Parking Lot 5, 108 Church St.
(4.) Hargraves Center, 216 N. Roberson St.
(5.) Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau, 501 W. Franklin St.
(6.) […]

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